Mentorship Program 

Equine Mentorship


Our program is designed for individuals 12 and older in need of support, space, and safety. During 12 weekly sessions, mentors will focus on building trusting relationships with participants.

Equine Mentorship

As a faith-based organization, we give the option to incorporate scripture and discussion including Jesus Christ. We respect where individuals are in their faith and never pressure them to conform to our beliefs.

Session Topics Include

Identity – Who Are You?

Value/Worth – Who Determines?

Freedom From Others

Forgiveness – Self/Others/God

Love – What Does it Look Like?



Trafficking Prevention Topics

What is Trafficking?

Who are Traffickers & What is Their Motivation?

How do They Target? (3 Traps)

Internet – Apps, Porn, Sextortion

Why Target You? Voids, Need to be Loved

Relationships (Unhealthy)

Relationships (Healthy)

Red Flags

What does it entail?

Each 90-minute session will incorporate barn chores and various activities designed to facilitate conversation and a growing relationship.
As part of our preventive education efforts, a different trafficking prevention aspect will be discussed weekly.

Program Fees

Equine mentorship – Program Fees: $50/90-minute session. Scholarships available.

For questions or more information about our Equine Mentorship services, please contact Sharon Stevens at

2021 Program Outcomes

Equine Sessions

13 clients served during 91 mentorship sessions. 

Youth Educated

337 youth educated through Power Over Predators (POP) Curriculum.

Clients Counseled

40 clients received clinical counseling.

Adults Trained

903 adults attended community and professional trainings.

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